This year we have two Board positions available, Vice President and Treasurer.  Our nominating committee has identified two candidates.  Here are the candidate statements and position they are running for.


Jessica Dover – Candidate for Vice President.

As one of the founding charter members of OSTI and its first Treasurer, it would be a privilege to again serve on its Board of Directors as Vice President. Several years ago, a number of other committed interpreter activists and I successfully lobbied our representatives in Salem to raise the rate for court interpreters, which, up to that point, had remained unchanged for over a decade and a half. OSTI was born out of that advocacy, and, if elected, one of my goals would be to continue to grow its roots as an organization that supports translators and interpreters, both by keeping the professionals themselves up to date on relevant policies and changes, as well as by advocating to maintain and improve working conditions. Another of my goals is to make sure that OSTI members feel like they are part of a community. The beauty of our profession is that it can manifest in myriad ways, with each individual carving his or her own niche…but often translation and interpretation can seem like a solitary business when compared to other, “office-like” atmospheres. I have spent the past 11 years in Oregon as a language professional and have been fortunate enough to meet and connect with many talented, passionate, multi-faceted individuals, whom I am proud to call colleagues and mentors. These connections have only served to improve my skills and increase my enjoyment of this work, and my hope for OSTI is that it can become a state-wide headquarters for translators and interpreters to network and socialize (and sometimes get some continuing education credits while they’re at it!). A little about myself: I am a certified court interpreter in Oregon and Washington, a Certified Medical Interpreter through NBCMI and a Certified Health Care Interpreter in Oregon. I run my own business, AlmaLuna, LLC, and I have over 15 years of experience as a translator and court, medical, conference, and escort interpreter. Since leaving OSTI’s board after my term as Treasurer, I have continued to advocate for better rates for interpreters, most recently before Oregon’s Public Defense Services Commission (PDSC), an effort that resulted in an increase of $3.50 per hour for interpreters working on indigent defense cases. There is still advocacy to be done with PDSC to improve the working terms for those interpreters, and I remain in touch with relevant contacts. It would be an honor to continue this work as OSTI’s Vice President.


Sarah Symons Glegorio – Candidate for Treasurer

Since joining OSTI in late 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some fantastic local colleagues. Thanks to the efforts exerted in the OSTI Spanish-English study group, I was able to pass the ATA Certification exam for Spanish into English in 2016. Given my progression as a translator in the short time since joining, I am interested in becoming more involved with OSTI and help it progress, thus I have decided to run for the Treasurer position.

I am a full-time professional translator, working from Spanish and Portuguese into English, specializing in business, financial and legal texts. In a past life, I was an internal auditor’s assistant and office manager, performing bookkeeping and bank reconciliation services. I have also previously worked as a bilingual loan officer so I have plenty of experience crunching numbers, keeping a hawk’s eye view on budgets, and taking care that bills are paid on time. Given my background in finance, I believe I would be a capable Treasurer for OSTI.

If elected, I would work to ensure things run as smoothly as possible and help OSTI serve the membership by making sound financial decisions. I envision sending surveys to members for input and feedback on how OSTI should allocate its financial resources. My vision for OSTI includes making it a robust resource for members to connect and collaborate, keep apprised of industry issues, and provide opportunities for education and improvement.