OSTI’s inaugural Social

It’s not often that a bunch of translators and a bunch of interpreters sit down at the same table together to chat and make connections, but that’s exactly what happened this past Friday, May 30th, when we held our first OSTI Social in Wilsonville. Twenty translators and interpreters with at least 7 different languages among them came together for a relaxing networking event.

OSTI’s Continuing Education Coordinator, Lotte Schmitz, picked the McMenamins Old Church & Pub for a venue where OSTI members and potential members could enjoy our own sizable room with good food while the evening sun streamed in. OSTI board members found themselves among a pleasant mix of new connections and well-known colleagues. We hope the occasion offered an opportunity to find out more about what OSTI is, what we stand for, and what we plan to do in the future for the translation and interpreting industries.

In an unusual twist, Spanish was not the majority language for the linguists in attendance, with German, Japanese, Chinese, French and Dutch among the other languages represented. Overall the event was characterized by networking and making new connections, and the participants appeared to take full advantage of the opportunity to socialize among colleagues, which is a refreshing change for those of us in our somewhat isolating industry.

We also discovered that many current and future OSTI members are musically inclined, with guitar, voice, fiddle, keys, and bass instruments represented, along with at least two jewelers, further proving that people in our industries are quite the artistically-inclined bunch! A suggestion did circulate indicating that OSTI should start its own T&I band.

While there were a couple of medical interpreters in attendance, at future events we would like to see even more participation from linguists in this field. OSTI is working hard this year to help improve working and payment terms and conditions to the large number of medical interpreters in Oregon. Also: next time, we will take better pictures!

By appearances, a good time was had by all.