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2021 Board Election Nominees

This year, OSTI members will be voting for 2 board positions - Vice President and Treasurer. Current OSTI members will receive the ballot via email in early September, 2021. The voting will be done electronically. The election results will be announced on September 19, 2021 during the OSTI 2021 Conference.

OSTI 2021 Nominating Committee: Svetlana Ruth, Natalia Grabovski, Joan Milligan

Here are the nominees:

Vice President

Christina Pfister


Christina Pfister is an experienced bilingual editor and translator with an eye for detail, an ear for voice, and a penchant for clarity. She is well versed in the literature and language of each of her native tongues—German and English (US). Born to American parents in Vienna, Austria, she has cultivated a life-long fascination with language, culture, religion/faith, and the arts. She completed Gymnasium (Austrian high school) with a language arts concentration, which included studies in Latin, French, Russian, German, and English. She holds a BA in German (minors in music and linguistics) from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI and an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She has a passion for conveying meaning across difference and genuinely enjoys the meticulous, creative, and rigorous tasks of developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and literary translation. She enjoys working with authors and publishing houses alike and is the proud owner of Well Versed, LLC.


It is a great honor to be nominated as vice president of the board of OSTI. I have had the joy of being a member of this organization since 2018 and from the moment I attended my first conference in the fall of that year, I recognized that I was among my kind. We are a lively, intelligent, rigorous, ambitious, and engaged bunch and I am excited to serve my fellow Oregon linguists—you.

As an educator I believe in the power of ongoing education and professional development; as a solopreneur, I believe that we grow better and stronger together. In our jobs we can feel like lone rangers at times; increasing our network and our interconnectedness can boost our skills as well as our understanding of the unique value we each contribute. I look forward to meeting more of you and serving the president, the board, and all of you as together we work toward OSTI’s mission of promoting the visibility of and encouraging professionalism in our esteemed professions.


John Wan


John Wan is the current OSTI membership committee chair and website administrator. He earned a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Oregon State University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Tunghai University in Taiwan.

John has worked as a database administrator and software analyst for software companies in Portland, San Jose, and Salt Lake City.

In 2007, he began his adventure as a freelance interpreter. While taking classes from the Translation and Interpreting Program in Bellevue College in 2009, he started court interpreting.

John became a Certified Mandarin Court Interpreter in 2014. He provides his language services for State, federal, and immigration courts as well as private clients.

John also works part time as a software localization engineer and tech linguistic tester. He is also a member of ATA, NAJIT, and NOTIS.


I am honored to be considered for the Treasurer position on OSTI’s board of directors. I joined OSTI in about 2014. In 2016, I took on the responsibilities of the membership committee and website administration. With the support of the OSTI board and committees, I started migrating OSTI’s old membership database and website to a new platform in 2019 and finished the work in 2020. The upgrade job made membership management and event planning more efficient. I have had great opportunities as part of the teams that made OSTI’s annual conferences possible.

As the Treasurer, I would continue to support OSTI, and work with the board to explore more ways to further improve how we manage our finance, including getting professional help and advice.

I have benefited from being a member of professional T&I organizations, so I will continue to contribute to this professional community. I am proud to be a member of OSTI. Thank you for the nomination.


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