Updates from the Oregon Health Authority

At the OHCIA conference on October 25, April Johnson, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) representative explained the requirements for certification and qualification very clearly. However, she said something interesting. I do not have the verbatim quote, but she said they are no longer accepting applications for the Registry itself, but only for Qualified and Certified interpreters because the Registry is intended for Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) to find Qualified and Certified interpreters, as required in contract. This information, however, is not clear on the OHA website. When asked what will happen with the registrations of interpreters who are on the list as Registered, not Certified or Qualified, she said they didn’t have an answer to that yet.

In the past, if an interpreter submitted an incomplete application, it would at least stay in the Registry until the interpreter submitted the missing documentation. At this point, according to April Johnson, that is not the case. This page is the landing page for all Oregon Healthcare Interpreters registry issues.

Several interpreters have said that their paperwork isn’t going through as quickly as they expected. If you have questions, go to the link above and contact the OHA representative listed on that page, in a box on the top right hand of the page. She should be able to answer your questions!

Website link updated by Helen Eby on March 13, 2016
Post published on October 30, 2014