Update on legislative process – Healthcare Interpreter bill goes to Senate

February 25, 2015: The bill, as amended, carried the floor unanimously in the House. See this link for the history of the Bill.
February 26: First reading in the Senate, referred to the President’s Desk, awaiting referral to Committee. See this link for information.

It is expected to be sent to the Senate Committee on Healthcare. You can follow that Committee at this link. Reviewing the list of their assigned measures, especially the items marked PUB (Public hearings) will help those interested in following the process closely.

All Bills go through the following steps:

First Reading: February 26, 2015. Referred to the President’s Desk, awaiting referral.
Assignment to a committee:
Public hearing
Work Session (often the same day as the public hearing – the public can only make comments during the public hearing portion of the session)
Second Reading
Third Reading

If there are any modifications in the Senate process, there is a reconciliation, and it goes back to the same process in the House.

Public Hearings are not announced with a lot of anticipation. We will let you know as soon as we are aware of the details.