From the ATA Certification program:
Framework for Standardized Error Marking of Translations
Flowchart for error point decisions (PDF)
ATA Style Guide for Translation Exams (Into-English Grading Standards)
ATA Certification Exam Overview
ATA Certification Registration Form
Practice Test for the ATA Certification Exam

Computerized exam:
Online resource list

Other study resources:
Translator and Interpreter Descriptions – March, 2017
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Daily writing tips
Canadian definitions of the professions by the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council
Canadian Translators Certification page – see the links on the translation exam: The Candidate’s Guide and the Marker’s Guide.
Resource page from The Savvy Newcomer, featuring resources from ATA’s certification program
ATA Spanish Division resources
How to become a medical editor – a blog post with links and steps to improve your medical editing skills, which will make you a better translator of medical texts.
Grant writing resources – in case you ever have to translate a grant.
UC San Diego Extension – Copy editing certificate
Poynter News University Certificate in Editing – discount for ACES members
DipTrans Handbook

Language access resource: Check this map to see where your language is spoken, and where it is taught. Then go to the ATA Chapters and Affilliates page and register with the local chapter that serves the locality where your language is spoken! You will be able to find your target market more easily this way. Many local associations will accept members from other areas.

Copy editing tools to produce clean documents:
Words n Sync: a set of macros to clean documents.
PerfectIt: a set of macros by Intelligent Editing

Plain Language:
5 Steps to Plain Language, from the Center for Plain Language
NIH Plain Language training site
Plain Language in the Sciences – from

Spanish resources:
Corpus del español del Siglo XXI (CORPES)
Diccionario de la Lengua Española – the latest update of the Diccionario de la Real Academia Española
Diccionario panhispánico de dudas
Diccionario Clave
Diccionario del español de México – includes links to spelling, punctuation, and other topics.
Manual de estilo AP – subscription based online tool

Cursos de Cálamo y Cran – corrección de estilo, redacción, etc. Muchos en línea.

English dictionary resources
Corpus of contemporary English – COCA. Please note that you can’t register with a .com website. You are also highly encouraged to pay a $25 annual donation for individual use for unlimited access.
Chicago Manual of Style – one month free trial, subscription after that.
AP Stylebook – for purchase, has online access tools

Bilingual references
Word Reference
Word Magic
Google Translate and Proz are not approved resources for the ATA computerized exam. No interactive resource (where you can ask a live question on a forum) is approved. The resources listed above are OK.
Click here to see the official ATA guidelines for computerized exams.

Translation Test State Dept sample questions
How to prepare for the DipTrans test – with sample graded papers
DipTrans source texts in other languages
DipTrans practice source texts in English
UN Practice translation tests
See UN Careers page for more information

Death by 1000 Cuts – how to pass the exam
Analyzing the Message – a book review on Eugene Nida