Time to register for January interpreter training classes

There are interpreter training classes in Oregon, for court interpreters and medical interpreters alike. We have marked them, for your reference! Register soon! The Court Interpreter event closes its registration in three days!Then there are some medical interpreter trainings that start up around January 20 or so.

C: Court
M: Medical
T: Translator
No marking: Those are for everyone!

If you hear of a great opportunity, please check it out, and let the Board know! There are probably several ways to do things! Depending on the timing, we could make it work in different ways!

To get it through the hoops of the Continuing Ed process, though, and to announce it with enough time for people to make plans, it’s always a great idea to make plans a couple of months ahead of time. However, we can clearly forget about the CE credits if necessary and just get a handful of people together in a week as we did on January 2! More on that later.

The classes listed are strictly in calendar order, by date of the first day of the class. We’ll leave them up until several sessions have gone by, and then take them down and put them in the past events.

See you at some training event in Oregon, whether it’s an OSTI training, a CIS training, or any other training! And we’ll publish a full report on the January 2 event soon. One of the attendees was taking careful notes and will be writing something up.