Ramadan: How to connect with our Muslim neighbors

On June 18, 2015, Melissa Binder wrote this article in The Oregonian: There’s more to fasting than not eating: 8 questions about Ramadan

Some highlights:

* Less than O.5% of the Portland population is Muslim, but they have worked hard at visibility and interfaith dialogue since 9/11.
* Ramadan is a month of fasting. The spiritual purpose of fasting is the surrender, the submission to a higher authority, which is the creator.
* The best way I can explain Ramadan is this: to act as if we are standing in front of God 24 hours a day. How would you act? You are trying to perfect your relationship and your practice in a real, practical way.

The article covers a lot of the complexities in a very human, understanding way. To understand our neighbors better during the month of Ramadan, which goes from June 17 to July 17, please click here to read the full article from OregonLive.com.