Public Hearing on Health Care Interpreting HB 2419 in Salem on Friday, February 6, 2015 at 1 pm in HR E

There is a public hearing in Salem on Friday, February 6, at 1 pm, in HR E. Please arrive 20 minutes early to find a seat. The hearing is about HB 2419. This is an opportunity to make our voice heard about the changes we would like to see in our profession, and put our voice on the public record, professionally.

This impacts the Health Care Interpreters in Oregon. OSTI Board members have been participating in the discussions on this law and are trying to coordinate a response, since not all the recommendations of the OSTI Board members have been incorporated into the bill.

The law, as it currently stands, can be found here.

The Administrative Regulations that apply to it can be found here.

This is the link to the Oregon Health Authority.

The House Committee on Health Care is overseeing this process. Legislators always appreciate the input of their constituents. Please contact them, especially if you live in their district, and even if you don’t!

Many of these links have “follow this committee” or “follow this bill” links. We recommend that you follow those so you can be current and know when to participate.

Participating in the legislative process is your right and your responsibility as a citizen. Though OSTI and other organizations may have their own list of concerns, all citizens have a right and perhaps a duty to bring their personal concerns to the table.

One of the concerns that will certainly be brought to the table, and that we are supporting the Oregon Health Authority on, is a last minute change to incorporate language to include sign language interpreting in this bill.

We look forward to your participation. For information about gatherings and planning meetings we are having to discuss this issue this week in preparation for going to the hearing in Salem as a united team, please contact Helen Eby, OSTI President, at

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