OSTI in Albany on August 17 – great party!

The party in Albany was great! We got to reconnect with some of the people who had helped us launch the court interpreters’ effort, connected with new people, and there was an incredible mix:
• Spanish court interpreters
• Medical interpreters about to take training
• A Russian translator

• A college Spanish professor

The living room was full and the conversation simply never stopped. The experienced were encouraging the newer professionals, and translators and interpreters of different languages connected. People asked, “Where will the OSTI Conference be?” Answer: “Not in Portland. More on that later.” The question that wasn’t asked, but was certainly out there, was “When do we get to do this again?”

Connecting with our colleagues is energizing. We work so independently that just being in the same room with others who do our job gives us a chance to relax, unwind, and share our challenges. Oh, and of course as translators and interpreters we run into so many new topics in our work, research them, and discover that they are actually very interesting! For example one medical interpreter decided that she would check out what industries employ Hispanics and research them, since work injuries will be a common reason for them to go to the hospital. So, she plans to read up on how that industry works, and possibly do some field research! I expect her to be the go-to person for interpreting and translation in that niche. When she calls a site, saying, “Hello, I am a Spanish interpreter in the area, and expect to have to interpret for people in your industry. I would like to know more about your industry so I can be properly prepared. Can I observe the work in action?”

We look forward to seeing many of the people who attended the Albany event at the OSTI Conference on October 4!

Helen Eby, OSTI President