OSTI first candidates for election

The following members have submitted their nominations to the Nominating Committee, and are candidates for Vice President and Treasurer. The elections will be held at the OSTI Annual Meeting, which is part of the OSTI Annual Conference on October 10, 2015. If elected, their term will start, per the OSTI bylaws, on January 1 of 2016 and they will serve for a two year term.

Following are their bios.

Per our bylaws, other members may submit their nominations for these positions to the Nominating Committee until September 9 to be added to the slate. In that case, this would be a contested election, with more than one candidate per position. Please direct your emails to nominations at ostiweb dot org. Information is available at this site.

Helen Eby
OSTI President

Ben Nuñez, Candidate for Treasurer

I have practically lived half of my life residing in Mexico and the other half in the U.S. , it has mainly been in blocks of 5 to 10 years at a time and every time I move I end up in a different part of the country. I have resided in Michigan, California and now Oregon, when living in Mexico I have lived in Mexico City and in Monterrey. I graduated from the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial in Mexico City with a major in accounting. In 2008 I moved from Monterrey, Mexico to Portland and I really love it here.

My calling is for translating, I have been doing this together with interpreting since 2008 and my goal is to ultimately just translate, I am currently taking a Certificate Course at NYU, I am also pursuing my certification for Interpreting in the Oregon Court System.

Before I made my career change to Interpreting/Translating I worked in the financial/accounting area, I worked for Deloitte (CPA firm) in the tax area for 8 years both in Mexico and in Michigan and there I switched over to GMAC who moved me back to Mexico to work as head of the Treasury and Accounting Department. Here in Oregon my father is the Volunteer Treasurer for the nonprofit Netarts Fire Department and for the Friends of Netarts Bay WEBS (Watershed Estuary, Beach and Sea). For the past 4 years I have assisted him in filling all the tax returns for both organizations and I helped implement computer systems for their accounting and record keeping.

In the past few months I have been supporting our Treasurer as a bookkeeper. As a Treasurer, I will request the assistance of a bookkeeper as well, because this provides better support and accountability to the organization. We have also been developing better teamwork practices with the Membership team, to make things smooth, straightforward and according to generally accepted accounting principles.

Reason for running
Why I want to be Treasurer, and what will I contribute to the organization: OSTI is an organization that stands for professionalism in translation and interpreting. As an experienced and trained professional in the accounting field and a professional who is growing in the interpreting and translation area, I know how important it is to prepare things the proper way for our members and our other stakeholders to have a proper accounting of the funds we receive, and to be able to make accurate decisions based on the information generated. As treasurer, I will do my best to work with the Board to support strong accountability policies and transparency, while being accountable to our members and using our resources in a way that honors our members’ interests. I will work with the rest of the OSTI team to make this happen. I am very excited about the changes happening in our career and I think OSTI has played a key role in making this happen and will be a key player for future changes and I want to contribute in the area where I am most able and qualified.Accounting is the quiet task that we all take for granted. I will try to keep it that way, and make sure the OSTI wheels run smoothly by doing a professional job and keeping OSTI members and the OSTI Board informed about OSTI finances and future expectations.
Thank you,

Jazmin Manjarrez, Candidate for Vice President

Jazmin Manjarrez is a CMI (Certified Medical Interpreter), a certification awarded by the NBCMI (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters), as well as an Oregon State Certified Medical Interpreter. Most recently received her Certificate in the Training of Trainers in The Community Interpreter, International Edition to become a licensed trainer for the program. Jazmin also received her Certificate in Health Care Interpreting from Portland Community College in 2004, and successfully completed Paralegal courses, also at Portland Community College in 2001.

Jazmin has been a medical interpreter for the last 13 years, interpreting in different medical settings. As a staff interpreter at OHSU, she gained extensive knowledge of medical terminology and complex diseases. Jazmin has worked in trauma situations, the ER, surgeries, mental health, palliative and end of life conferences, and a myriad of medical encounters. Jazmin has also interpreted for DHS, police investigations, attorney-client meetings, and for various school districts in IEP meetings and parent/teacher conferences.
Among other positions, Jazmin Manjarrez successfully spearheaded the “practicum” program at Tuality HealthCare in Hillsboro, OR, for their dual role bilingual personnel, who recently received their certificates from The Community Interpreter.

Prior to focusing on interpreting, Jazmin held several positions, including office manager, in various law firms, as well as in human resources. She also worked for the Mexican Government in Washington, D.C. early on in her career. Jazmin is very detailed oriented, a self-starter and quick learner. She works effectively as part of a team or independently.
Jazmin Manjarrez is an active member of OSTI, the IMIA and OHCIA. She has a high level of proficiency in English and Spanish. Though Jazmin was born in Mexico City, she came to the United States at the age of 1, and thus grew up as a heritage speaker of Spanish.

Reason for Running
I want to run for the position of Vice President for OSTI to make a difference. As a certified medical interpreter I see that our profession is vastly gaining momentum and I want to be part of the movement.

OSTI has proven to be an organization that promotes the highest professional standards. It encompasses certified translators, court interpreters and medical interpreters, all working together. Through our efforts we can ensure that all non-English and LEP individuals have equal language access and communicative autonomy, utilizing professional interpreters.
We need to support all of our members in their professional development, and advocacy through our presence at the OHA and Oregon Council meetings; organizational events and conferences.

I am passionate about our profession and feel that through the position of Vice President, I will be able to inspire others to join us in the work ahead.