OHA Regulations Advisory Committee

The OHA has a process for revising the regulations surrounding the Healthcare Interpreting law. The current regulations have to be updated to account for changes in the law and possibly for changes in the industry since the regulations were written. The law is the basic skeleton, but the implementation is based on the regulations that are written in this next stage. Your participation is important.

The current regulations can be found at this link:


The recently approved law can be found at this link. Please follow this key when reading it:
[Text in italics between square brackets is text from the old law that has been deleted]
Text in bold is text that has been added.

The following link is the Oregon Health Authority page dedicated to this process, which includes an application for the Regulations committee (RAC) and contact information.

As of October 7, the deadline for registering to participate in this process is October 16, 2015.