Medical and ASL

OSTI was at the Legislature today. We presented, and it was good! Five spoken language interpreters were there, and we connected with ASL people as well. We all want to work together to make the bill better. See Chad Ludwig, President of the Oregon Association of the Deaf, speak to the issue here. Of course, he speaks in his language: ASL. No interpreting provided. However, the same picture we posted on our website is on their site!

This bill shows court, medical and ASL people committed to working together, symbolizing the unity we have in OSTI. It was a great experience!

If you click on this link you can see the recording of the session and “be there.” More news later! The bill is HB 2419. More work to be done on Monday at the OHA Council! And then it goes to the Senate…

We are very proud of the interpreters who came and supported the bill and OSTI’s efforts, and the ASL efforts. Congratulations!