Last minute announcement! CCHI webinar series starts tomorrow!

I just got this information now. So here goes. CCHI has a new Continuing Ed series for medical interpreters. Check it out!

The first one, tomorrow, is about Infection Control and Industrial Safety! At this time, with all the flu bugs going on, I can think of nothing more important…

So… Click on the link above. Log in, and check in! Remember, when you take first aid training, the first rule is to make sure you don’t add to the victim count. The same thing applies when you are an interpreter! Stay safe!

Oh, and stay safe when you drive over the Christmas break, while you are at it, and when you interpret over the phone for challenging things that happen over Christmas and New Year’s!

Loie Feuerle will be at the webinar and report on it for us. Keep an eye on this blog!

Helen Eby, for OSTI