Interview from the Jefferson Exchange

Today, July 17, 2014, I was interviewed by The Jefferson Exchange. The interviewer was startled by the fact that cost drives things enough that I’ve been asked to recommend a non-certified interpreter at times.

I highlighted that training opportunities are increasing and there are some new opportunities outside of Portland. This will lead to having more qualified and certified medical interpreters in the state, and as interpreters provide a better service it will be more likely to see the rates they are paid increase because they actually add value.

There is a lot of work to be done, but we are getting started. OSTI is reaching out to interpreters and translators in Southern Oregon and Bend and trying to help local groups organize. We have members in these areas and are looking forward to supporting them as much as possible. Because of this interview, our viewing stats are up. As interpreting issues make the news, people will be looking for professional interpreters and translators from OSTI, where we help clients and independent contractors connect while providing support and training for all.

OSTI is the OREGON Society of Translators and Interpreters!

Helen Eby, OSTI President