Health Care Interpreter Rules Advisory Committee

The review of the Rules that regulate that Health Care Interpreter law is open.

The Oregon Health Authority is seeking input through the Rules Advisory Committee. OSTI has representatives on this Committee.

The following file outlines changes recommended by OSTI based on the current law, the current implementations of the Rules by the Oregon Health Authority, and other updated knowledge. These regulations were written in 2001, when some of this information was not as complete as it is now, so it is in need of updating.

Some changes appear to be simple, so that the more detailed changes can be taken care of in committees that can deal with the issues on a more flexible basis in the long term, such as the Education and Training Committee, which gives recommendations to the Council, which in turn advises the Oregon Health Authority. Since issues such as language tests may change from time to time, these issues may be best left to committees, with a few exceptions. Other issues may be set in the regulations to make sure they are cast in stone.

This file is posted with the desire that others will find it useful for discussion in the RAC meetings at the OHA RAC, not as a final document, which it certainly isn’t. It is merely a list of possibilities with a rationale for the changes listed. Stakeholders should discuss these and establish consensus. We propose these to have a starting point for discussion because we have not seen another published draft of changes.

RAC changes