HB2419 signed into law by governor on June 10

Update: Signed into law by the Governor on June 10.
The full text of the law, as signed, is here: HB2419

The Health Care Interpreter law is implemented in ORS 413.550 to 413.558
Some key changes:
* ASL is included in the law.
* “It is the policy of the Legislative Assembly to require the use of certified health care interpreters or qualified health care interpreters whenever possible to ensure the accurate and adequate provision of health care to persons with limited English proficiency and to persons who communicate in sign language.”
* The composition of the Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreters changes significantly, to reflect the needs of the interpreting profession, with more positions related to interpreting.
* To be a certified or qualified interpreter in Oregon it is no longer required to have had experience as an intern with a practicing health care interpreter. This is expected to simplify the application process as of January 1.

This law goes into effect on January 1, 2016.

Thank you for your support! Now it is time to work on the supporting regulations, and it is time for medical interpreters to contact the Oregon Health Authority and request to be part of the new Council.