February 6: Medical Interpreting Advocacy Day

Place: Busick Court, 250 Court St., Salem, OR 97301
Time: 11:15 to 12:15
What: Connect, practice our two minute speeches
Why Busick Court?
Well… because that is the same place where we met with the Court interpreters a few years ago and did the same thing. It worked! And we have good memories. Maybe some of them will come and encourage us.
Look for Helen Eby, wearing a red hat (a “gaucha” hat, just to be different)

12:15 – start walking to the Legislature.

12:30: Check in to room HR E, with the names of our assigned speakers and their topics. We will be asked to sign a check-in sheet, and we will be asked who will speak for us.
It is important to get there early. The room fills up and we want our folks to have a seat. We want to connect with the ASL people, and with the other stakeholders.
Check the tips for how to be ready to give testimony!
Your written testimony (10 printed copies, one for each member of the committee and one for the secretary). You can address it to “Dear Member of the House Committee on Health Care”
sample-testimony-letter-for-interpreters-rtf feb 5 2015
One 3×5 card with the outline of what you want to say.
One visual aid to illustrate your one or two main points.

1:00 pm: Public Hearing
Remember: This bill covers a lot of issues. They could decide to cover any number of issues before they get to the Health Care Interpreter issues. Nothing says they will start with us! So be patient. Actually, if they start with something else, that’s great! Watch how the other speakers introduce themselves. Watch how they address the legislators, how the legislators respond, etc. Watch what the legislators don’t like (and make sure you scratch that from what you do). You might as well learn something!

After it’s over:
Hang out, let’s connect, exchange email addresses, say hi, celebrate. But hey, it won’t be over. Not by a long shot. It just starts. Then we have to start to follow up, keep track of the progress of the Bill, come and answer questions when it comes before the Senate, email the legislators continually…

Don’t worry, it’s just a way to connect with your legislators, who are there to help us serve our community. This bill isn’t about asking for money, so it isn’t a difficult bill. It’s just about fairness with a few things. And this is a great opportunity to start contributing to the conversation about our profession.

We’ll do it together. Our friends from Washington and California and other states have done this before, and will mentor us through this. We will grow through this.

See you on Friday! Bring your written testimonies! If you can’t bring them, send them with a friend, or email them to a friend who is coming!

Here is the letter we had originally suggested as a sample, but it is no longer necessary. Most of the issues have been resolved:
sample testimony letter for interpreters rtf

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