Nominating Guidelines

1) The Process
According to the OSTI Bylaws the nominating process is as follows:
a) The nominating committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors in the spring of the year
b) The nominating committee shall consist of 3 persons
c) No member of the nominating committee is permitted to run for an OSTI office during their tenure on the nominating committee
d) The nominating committee must submit its slate of candidates to the Board of Directors 75 days before the election
e) The final slate, both those nominated by the nominating committee and those who self-nominate must be published at least 30 days prior to the election
f) Nominations are not permitted to be made from the floor of the meeting at which the elections are held

2) The Task of the Nominating Committee
a) The nominating committee shall keep the good of the organization uppermost in their selection of candidates
b) The nominating committee should be forward-looking in its selection of candidates, trying to identify leadership potential
c) The nominating committee should endeavor to balance the slate with both translators and interpreters and different language groups
d) The nominating committee must ascertain the willingness to run for office of potential candidates prior to adding them to the slate
e) The nominating committee must assess the likelihood that a candidates will remain committed to OSTI during their term in office
f) The nominating committee should consider the quality of a candidate’s prior active contributions to the organization
g) The nominating committee should consider how a candidate would fit into the existing Board and whether he or she would be congenial to work with
h) The nominating committee must ponder and discuss, preferably in person, the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates before finalizing the slate
i) The candidates must submit a written statement outlining their background and their vision for OSTI and how they would work to accomplish that

(1) Future bylaws amendments should address the mechanics of self-nominations, e.g., potential candidates must obtain a sufficient number of member signatures endorsing him or her ignorer to be included on the slate of candidates presented at the annual meeting.

(2) Perhaps we should also specify in the bylaws a date certain by which the Board must have appointed the nominating committee.