Health Care Interpreter Rules Advisory Committee

The review of the Rules that regulate that Health Care Interpreter law is open. The Oregon Health Authority is seeking input through the Rules Advisory Committee. OSTI has representatives on this Committee. The following file outlines changes recommended… Read More

Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreters Application Forms

There are vacancies on the Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreter Interpreters. In 2016, the composition of the Council changes to reflect the new law: (1) The Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreters is created in the Oregon… Read More

OHA Regulations Advisory Committee

The OHA has a process for revising the regulations surrounding the Healthcare Interpreting law. The current regulations have to be updated to account for changes in the law and possibly for changes in the industry since the regulations… Read More

OSTI 2015 Conference coming soon!

Fall Greetings! This is Erin, member of OSTI’s Continuing Education Committee and one of the organizers for our 2nd annual conference Building the Vocabulary of Success on October 9th (evening only) and 10th (all day). The big event… Read More

Letter to Interpreting Stakeholders

At the June 18, 2015 Health Care Interpreters Stakeholders Session hosted by the Oregon Health Authority, Heidi Schmaltz, OSTI member, read the following letter. The Stakeholders present requested that it be distributed to all the Stakeholders. We publish… Read More

New Medical Interpreter Information Initiative

The American Translators Association (ATA) has launched a Medical Interpreter Information Initiative, an effort of the ATA Medical Division, with the support of the ATA Interpreters Division. Appropriately, they started with an article about CLAS Standards, by Christina… Read More

HB2419 signed into law by governor on June 10

Update: Signed into law by the Governor on June 10. The full text of the law, as signed, is here: HB2419 The Health Care Interpreter law is implemented in ORS 413.550 to 413.558 Some key changes: * ASL… Read More

Medical Interpreting – CCHI special group fee for Oregon Interpreters

Updated post! Until December 31, 2015, The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) is pleased to offer a special rate to Oregon interpreters for the written CoreCHI™ exam, which is part of CCHI’s national certification process. • Registration:… Read More