Translator and Interpreter Descriptions

In an effort to raise the public’s awareness of the role of translators, interpreters, transcriber-translators and terminologists, a group of leading professionals convened to draft an outreach document describing who we are, what we do, and how we… Read More

How to work with an interpreter

Both interpreters and users of interpreter services can take proactive steps to ensure that a session stays on track. Professional interpreters follow certain protocols to ensure this, and users of interpreting services can elicit these protocols when they… Read More

ASTM International Standard for Interpreting – OHCIA presentation

Presentation given at the Oregon Healthcare Interpreters Association conference on October 17, 2015 Interpreting: A Framework of Teamwork An ASTM Perspective Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha TI, President of the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters ASTM Technical… Read More

OHA invitation to session on translation and interpretation requirements

Information updated on September 5, 2015!!! The Oregon Health Authority released the following letter on August 4. This letter is reposted here with the approval of the OHA. “Translation and Interpreting Services Requirements for Clients with Limited English… Read More

Resources to support interpreting and translation quality

Today I received an email from a colleague saying she was having a conversation about the importance of backing up our message with research, poor outcomes,etc. The following materials are well researched and have references listed in the… Read More

Language access and civil rights

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in any program or activity that receives Federal funds or other Federal financial assistance. This includes language access…. Read More

Standard Practice for Language Interpreting

The new Standard Practice for Language Interpreting, published by the ASTM, has been published! Please click here to purchase it. The ASTM Standards are developed by teams that include stakeholders from all fields. In this case stakeholders included… Read More

OSTI Interpreters interpret for Nobel Laureate

On April 16, OSTI Spanish Interpreters Helen Eby, Jazmin Manjarrez and Heidi Schmaltz, all Medical Interpreters, were honored to interpret for Nobel Laureate Dr. Rigoberta Menchú Tum at Jefferson High School. See the pictures here! For us, the… Read More