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Interpreters and Translators: Worker Misclassification

OSTI attendees at January 27 event

On February 27, 2016, Trevor Leahy, from the Oregon Employment Department, gave a presentation titled “Worker Misclassification” to 45 attendees during a free event sponsored by OSTI in Beaverton.
2016 Employee Misclassification – OSTI

Those present were surprised to hear from Mr. Leahy that Oregon Statute ORS 657.048 states: “Employment does not include services performed by language translators and interpreters that are provided for others through an agent or broker.”

The presentation kept the audience engaged and asking many questions. We want to thank Mr. Leahy and the volunteers who helped make this event a success: Svetlana Ruth, Mika Jarmusz, Monica Goebel, and our photographer Jaime Placeres. After the presentation, attendees said it was a great presentation. Non-OSTI members expressed how grateful they were to have been given the opportunity to attend the event.

Additional research by OSTI, based on further conversations with Mr. Leahy and on the following links to the Oregon laws related to this topic, may help interpreters and translators understand their employment status within the state more clearly. We also include the handouts Mr. Leahy brought to the session.

Employee or Independent Contractor?
State Agency Criteria for Independent Contractors
Independent Contractor Statute
Recap Slide

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Keys to a sustainable interpreting and translation freelance business – Free OSTI presentation

Event updated with resources used at presentation.

Saturday, November 14, 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Free OSTI presentation, Gresham, Oregon
Oregon Court Interpreters will earn two general continuing education credits for completing this workshop.

Speaker: Helen Eby
Location: 24800 SE Stark Street, Gresham, OR 97030, Cascade Room 1 and 2, at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center Continue reading


Contractor Yoga – by Jessica Dover

One of our Board members, Jessica Dover, has written an article for the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters:

We interpreters pride ourselves on our flexibility. The amount of contractor “yoga” we perform every day is pretty astounding. Balancing room space and equipment setup, creating glossaries on the fly, deciding if taking one particularly juicy job and giving back another is worth annoying your scheduler … the list goes on. It’s not easy, it takes practice, and most successful contractors I know are successful because they have mastered the art of contractor yoga. We learn to not fear the change but embrace it, work with it – in the end it makes us more money!

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