Update on legislative process – Healthcare Interpreter bill goes to Senate

February 25, 2015: The bill, as amended, carried the floor unanimously in the House. See this link for the history of the Bill. February 26: First reading in the Senate, referred to the President’s Desk, awaiting referral to… Read More

Medical and ASL

OSTI was at the Legislature today. We presented, and it was good! Five spoken language interpreters were there, and we connected with ASL people as well. We all want to work together to make the bill better. See… Read More

February 6 – Health Care Interpreter Advocacy

Please don’t forget to come to Salem! We look forward to being present to support the changes the Oregon Health Authority has made to the Health Care Interpreter Bill. Our presence still matters, whether physically or by letters… Read More

Advocacy update – Amendments we support

Today we received an email from Carol Cheney, at the Oregon Health Authority: Each time a bill gets amended it gets a number after it in sequential order from “-1”, “-2”, “-3” and so on. We now have… Read More

February 6: Medical Interpreting Advocacy Day

Preparation: Place: Busick Court, 250 Court St., Salem, OR 97301 Time: 11:15 to 12:15 What: Connect, practice our two minute speeches Why Busick Court? Well… because that is the same place where we met with the Court interpreters… Read More

Why does the Health Care Interpreter law matter to Health Care interpreters?

First, here is a link to the bill. But it looks strange. Here is a key to its formatting. We’ll format some of the sections below this way to highlight the changes in the law. [Text in square… Read More

How to submit testimony to the Legislature

On Friday, February 6, 2014, at 1 pm, there is a public hearing on HB 2419, which deals with Health Care Interpreting, among other things. This is a great opportunity for interpreters to let the Public Record reflect… Read More

Public Hearing on Health Care Interpreting HB 2419 in Salem on Friday, February 6, 2015 at 1 pm in HR E

There is a public hearing in Salem on Friday, February 6, at 1 pm, in HR E. Please arrive 20 minutes early to find a seat. The hearing is about HB 2419. This is an opportunity to make… Read More