Get acquainted with OSTI!

Please join us at McMenamins Old Church and Pub in Wilsonville, Oregon, on May 30 at 6 pm.

Time: Friday, May 30, 2014, at 6 pm
Place: 30340 SW Boones Ferry Road, Wilsonville, OR 97070
Why: Because we need to get to know each other! We’d like the members to meet the Board, and we’d like prospective members to meet each other. We have plans for a conference, we are trying to help represent interpreters and translators in all fields, and we need to hear from you. Your ideas and your participation are really important.

See you on the 30th! Please sign in at this link.

OSTI members: languages and counties

Some working languages represented: Spanish, French, American Sign Language, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.
Some counties represented: Wasco, Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Deschutes, Marion, Douglas, and even Seattle, Washington!

Invite your friends to join us! We’d like to serve all of Oregon.

OSTI update: plans for May, 2014

Hello Oregon translators and interpreters!

Our new society is off and running! Since going live in January, our membership has been increasing steadily every month. Our website is now set up to accept online applications and electronic payments, and the OSTI Continuing Education team has been working to bring you meaningful opportunities to get and maintain your credentials. Thank you, again, to everyone for your participation and support.

There have been so many changes and improvements, it’s high time we all got together to talk about where OSTI is headed. So, mark your calendars for our 1st annual combination board meeting/envisioning event:
May 30, 2014
The details will be announced in the OSTI calendar!

This meet-up will include both structured and unstructured time. Bring yourself and maybe a friend or colleague who would like to learn more about OSTI. Let’s decide OSTI’s future together!

Helen Eby, Lois Feuerle, Elena Werner, Jessica Dover and Jess Kincaid
OSTI Board of Directors

This is the first of our newsletter series! Please let us know what you think. You can unsubscribe, email us to subscribe, and offer suggestions on the topics you want us to cover. We will post a link called “Newsletter Subscription” link on the OSTI site soon.

Check out the latest OSTI News and Events! The OSTI website continues to grow. The Calendar page has the most up-to-date information on events of interest to Oregon translators and interpreters, including all upcoming board meetings.

Know of an event you think should be added to the calendar? Send all event requests to
Also, you told us you wanted to sign up online sign up online you may! Please check this link for the OSTI membership application. Payments are also securely processed online.

OSTI Continuing Education team:
Your Continuing Education Team has already started brainstorming and developing awesome plans! Please contact any of them to offer your suggestions. The team includes members from a broad variety of languages and interests.

Martin Blanco (Spanish Certified Court Interpreter)
Erin Neff (Spanish Certified Health Care Interpreter)
Lotte Schmitz (English>German translator)
Elena Werner (Russian Certified Court Interpreter, translator)
Melanie DeLeon-Benham (ASL Oregon Certified Court Interpreter)
Lois Feuerle (ATA Certified German>English Translator)
Say hello and send your Continuing Education suggestions to:

OSTI Finances:
At OSTI, the Board makes all major decisions about budget expenses. At this point we are still dealing with setup issues, so stay tuned for a more detailed budget forecast in future newsletters. Our financial notes are included in the board meeting minutes, but we invite all members to attend board meetings to hear the full financial report and to see OSTI financial decisions in action. If you have any questions about OSTI’s finances, please contact OSTI treasurer, Jessica Dover, at
Since we’re all pretty new at this, we have asked other organizations to share their budgets with us so we can know what to expect and what to plan for, and are making sure the money you give OSTI goes only to Board-approved expenses that benefit YOU.

Board meetings and minutes:
Please check the Members page where board meeting minutes are posted and saved every month. We are always open to questions from members and from others who are interested in our work.

OSTI started out as a group of court interpreters doing some advocacy. As such, we are listening and we want to help raise issues that matter to court interpreters, medical interpreters, and translators.
OSTI Board members regularly attend the meetings of the Oregon Council for Health Care Interpreting as members of the public. As the Oregon Statutes undergo a necessary review in the next legislative season, OSTI members are considering issues to bring up. Please join the conversation! Helen Eby and Lois Feuerle are leading this discussion within OSTI.

April updates for OSTI

There are new training opportunities for medical interpreters in Oregon. Please check the Calendar tab for more information. OHCIA starts a training program on April 27!

OSTI now has an online application and payment process for members.

We would also like you to keep an eye on the Members page, where we post the minutes and agendas of the Board meetings. Members are very welcome at our Board meetings. We are here to serve you! We are planning an event on May 30, so please mark your calendars. Details will be available soon.

Oregon Health Care Interpreter update

At the January 13, 2014, meeting of the Oregon Health Care Interpreters Council, the Council discussed updating the statutes that regulate the Health Care Certification issues in Oregon. The recommended changes will be submitted to the Legislature for the 2015 legislative cycle, so this is the right time to make recommendations. The full minutes of this meeting can be found here.

Please submit your comments about the current statute to the Oregon Health Authority using the contact link on this page.

Calling all Oregon Interpreters and Translators!

Are you looking for support for your work as a translator or interpreter? Are you interested in getting to know other local colleagues in your field, finding or creating continuing education opportunities, or finding solutions to problems you may be experiencing in our profession? Could you use some new clients?

The Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters is the new voice of linguists statewide, and we need you!

In January 2014, OSTI was recognized by the State of Oregon, the American Translators Association (ATA) and the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). We are building and we want you to be a part of our work in 2014!

Want to know more? See the OSTI FAQ below or visit our website at

Sincerely / Atentamente / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / С уважением / 你真诚的

The newly-elected OSTI Board of Directors


Where did we come from?

In 2013, a group of translators & interpreters got together to push for a raise for court interpreters, who had not seen a rate increase since at least 1995. Following that successful effort, we formed OSTI after observing that our state was in need of a professional society for interpreters & translators.

Who are we?

Our core group includes legal and technical translators, medical and court interpreters, folks with a lifetime of experience, and newbies as well.

What have we done so far?

• In 2013 we were instrumental in winning a rate increase for Oregon’s certified court interpreters
• We have elected a Board of Directors made up of five OSTI members
• We filed our Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit, and in January 2014 we were recognized by the State of Oregon
• We established a Membership Committee and are working to coordinate our Continuing Education efforts, but there is plenty of room for your participation! Tell us what types of projects interest you, and we will include you in discussions and development for OSTI’s committees.
• Additionally, we have launched a new website:

OSTI’s mission is to represent and promote Oregon’s rich diversity of written, signed, and spoken language professionals to potential clients throughout our state. As a member of OSTI, you will build relationships not only with these clients, but also with your colleagues. Let’s talk, work, learn, and grow together!

• OSTI’s detailed, user-friendly online membership list is aimed at making it easy for potential clients to find YOU. Oregon has lacked a state-wide aggregated list of T&I professionals until now!
• OSTI has a members-only listserv for you to discuss issues related to the translation and interpreting industry. As a member, you can ask questions, make comments, support others, and participate in OSTI’s decision-making process.
• You can enjoy all the benefits of OSTI membership for just $55.00 per 12 months, with multi-year discounts available!

OSTI also serves the community at large. We are committed to providing resources for professionals as well as users of translation and interpreting services.

• Certified and Qualified interpreters & translators can browse OSTI’s Continuing Education Resources webpage to find up-to-date information on maintaining their credentials.
• New interpreters & translators can use the online Links page to learn more about credentialing requirements and programs.

New Chinese training opportunity for court interpreters

The Oregon Judicial Department has approved 6 language-specific and 2 ethics credits for the course.
“”Law and Society” aims to offer both readings of law that vary with the diversity of social relations and understandings of social events from the legal perspective. This module, through a combination of lectures with multimedia presentation, is designed to enable the students to gain a general knowledge of sociology, to analyse legal institutions and norms by comparative means, and to have a clearer idea of the legal tradition and its evolution in China.”

“The score of the end-of-term exam will account for 80% of the final mark, while assignments and tests 20%. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor.”

December 7 – 1st Annual OHCIA Health Care Interpreter Certification Conference

Please join the OHCIA at this special event at Tuality Hospital, in Hillsboro, on December 7 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration is requested. For more details, please click here.