ATA response to the Department of Homeland Security Draft Language Access Plans

At the ATA conference, and before and after, several of us worked on responding to the Draft Language Access Plans the DHS had published. The Administrator of the ATA Interpreter Division attended a live meeting, where they asked for more information on translation. ATA complied.

See this report, from the ATA NewsBriefs that were published today:
ATA Responds to Department of Homeland Security

When the Department of Homeland Security called for comment on its Language Access Plans, ATA responded quickly with an in-depth analysis and review. Many thanks to volunteers from the Interpreters Division for their long hours of work in support of ATA’s reply.

ATA’s response includes a comprehensive review of both interpreting and translation services in the U.S., from standards of practice to skills to procurement of professional services. The document is well worth the read. Click the link below to pull up a PDF copy.
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