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OSTI and ATA represent translators at ACES conference!

Dates: March 31 to April 2, 2016
Event: American Copy Editors Society conference in Portland
CE Credits approved: 10 points for ATA continuing education

This conference may be helpful for those seeking to enhance their English writing and editing skills. Click here for a list of sessions. Helen Eby, OSTI President, will speak on Translation as Teamwork.
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How to work with an interpreter

Both interpreters and users of interpreter services can take proactive steps to ensure that a session stays on track. Professional interpreters follow certain protocols to ensure this, and users of interpreting services can elicit these protocols when they are not followed. Interpreters provide their services in a variety of fields, so the examples provided come from several fields to illustrate these principles. Interpreting is interpreting, as Holly Mikkelson says.

I have interpreted the following exchanges in some sessions:
– You surely must have understood what you were doing when you signed this document. After all, you were working with an interpreter!
– Well, they interpreted for me, but I didn’t really understand that this is what it would mean!

How can we reduce the likelihood of this situation?

First, I introduce myself as an interpreter and make these statements:

– I am the voice of the interviewee in English and the voice of the investigator in Spanish.
– I am not there to explain or clarify anything, but I am there to help them both communicate clearly.
– I am there to interpret everything: insults, joy, side conversations, everything.

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