Month: May 2015

Standard Practice for Language Interpreting

The new Standard Practice for Language Interpreting, published by the ASTM, has been published! Please click here to purchase it. The ASTM Standards are developed by teams that include stakeholders from all fields. In this case stakeholders included… Read More

California Advocacy

The California Workers Compensation Intepreters’ Association is launching an advocacy drive. They are developing categories of interpreters similar to the Certified and Qualified categories we have in Oregon, to provide better service to their community. See their proposal… Read More

OSTI Interpreters interpret for Nobel Laureate

On April 16, OSTI Spanish Interpreters Helen Eby, Jazmin Manjarrez and Heidi Schmaltz, all Medical Interpreters, were honored to interpret for Nobel Laureate Dr. Rigoberta MenchĂș Tum at Jefferson High School. See the pictures here! For us, the… Read More

OSTI launches first election cycle

The OSTI Board is proud to announce its first nominating committee: Danna Garcia Jeanette Poston Heidi Schmaltz Please support them through the elections process, as listed in this document. This document was developed based on our bylaws, which… Read More