Month: October 2014

Updates from the Oregon Health Authority

At the OHCIA conference on October 25, April Johnson, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) representative explained the requirements for certification and qualification very clearly. However, she said something interesting. I do not have the verbatim quote, but she… Read More

Oregon medical interpreting on NPR!

If you hadn’t heard already, Oregon’s health care interpreters made national news on NPR’s Morning Edition today. It’s exciting to think of all the leaders and influencers across the country listening to how this issue is affecting us… Read More

Personal Protective Equipment

As health care interpreters, we need to take care of ourselves! Erin Neff sent us CDC_ppe-poster about how to put on and remove Personal Protective Equipment, published by the CDC.

Vicarious trauma

Lois Feuerle gave a presentation on Vicarious Trauma at the OSTI conference. Just a couple of days ago, Erin Neff, our Conference organizer, spotted this article about Vicarious Trauma! Check it out!